Welcome back

sheer energy

total energy

check in, stay tuned, fly out


H is back, we got the fourth attack yeah -

gabba hey gabba hey

like vanilla in disguise my name is Ice -

gabba hey gabba hey

I got the kicks I split bicks in the mix

I got the pics slam you harsh

bars that pound, hype on our sound

from the top to the ground back on the floor

we need the hardcore



chicks is back

time to represent the united vibe

come on

I wanna hear you


I'm the Screaming Lord, I need your support -

gabba hey gabba hey

like Hugh and his babies I'm addicted to the ladies -

gabba hey gabba hey

smashing up the vibes inside ya weekend

tell your friend - this is a masterpiece -

no quick release

dropping -a- free

I'm the person that you always want to be


Loud and clear I got a rough idea

slowing it down, slowing it down

right about now

jungle business

this is the way

nostalgia isn't what it used to be


Now set the roof on fire

and everybody come on