I ruff up the mic

Like a darkside fiend

Something black coffee

With sugar and cream

One, two jumping crew what you gonna do

Three, four hardcore, rock the floor

Five, six kicks playing tricks for da mix

And da blend and again from beginning to the end



Reach the stars

Fly a fantasy

Dream my dream

And what you see will be

Rhymes that keep their secrets

Will unfold behind the clouds

And there upon the rainbow

Is the answer to a neverending story


Edgeware, Mayfair, Leicester Square

I’ll be there and feel the atmosphere

I gave birth to the jungle like Mary

Like berry, winter’s merry, enter M.I.C.

Jumping up the gallery like battery and charger

H is getting larger, me I like to chat

Coming down rough and fill up the gap

Cruising through the States on a pair of skates