I like the way it's hard, I love the way it's loud,


No one understands what the fuck I am about.

Just step into the place, and hear what I say,

I spit with the lyric, no time for delay.


Slam rock with the jungle man to man, with the jam,

You know who I am.

When me come me coming rough, you know I'm above,

Be there.

I drop it medium rare, yeah!


J'adore Hardcore...

Doin' it together!


Sing it!



For sure I got my plan, don't really give a damn!

On my own mission, I fight like a man.

Doin' it for myself, not for the industry!

Check 'pon the rhythm, and to the M.I.C.


Slam rock with the jungle hand to hand, hummin' a bum,

'Cause I got the jam.

When me come me coming rough, I got the stuff,

Be there.

Let's shuffle in the air, yeah!


J'adore Hardcore...




Raise your hands up to the roof...

Raise your hands up in the air...


And again!




Posse! Respect to ya! Goodnight!