Oh Lord, I’m a very sharp sword

Number one upon the billboard

It’s the effect you don’t expect

You never know what’s coming next

So get a grip quick, drop a gear

Running high to the sky – till you fly

Like a killer in Manila – I make you shiver

My name is M.C. I



Baby, I don’t want you to go

I love you so

More than you will ever know


Lately, I only made you cry

But don’t you say goodbye

Won’t you give me one more try


’Cause I’m lonely, I feel so lonely

I need your body by my side

To get me through these endless nights

I’m lonely, I feel so lonely

There’s no one in this world for me but you


Oh Lord, everytime we cut the sluck

Always forward, never ever going back

We’re playing full session, full swing

Got the sounds of the real thing

So get a grip quick, drop a gear

We progress and express – we’re coming fresh

The appliance of the science – getting strong, oh


And we’re dressed for success