Chapter five!

International blitz!


Tune it up!


Shotta got the plan, man

Always like a Grand Slam

Big shot, all in one

Shotalot is on the run

Crack on the whips, never check

Bust in tight, front to back

I reach my fate at the gates

God says shotta yo was great


When I’m shopping

And my bad filled with options so don’t ask

What it cost I’m in a Maserati

Coupe going so fast

That I lostem

And my bitch got so much swag

That these bad bitches on us

Ah! Killing y’all, pow!


Bring the noise!


I jack them hoes, direct them hoes

Takeem home and let them hoes

Go live out their fantasies

They’re popping pills, I’m rolling weed

Even got a couple bad bitches overseas


Shotta got the slo-mo

You can call it pro flow

Every shot a straight flush

Shotalot is in a rush

Back on the floor, lyrical madness

On the mic, Jack the cactus

I reach my fate at the gates,

God says shotta, you was great!


Shotta gotta chicks, it's-it's the bigroom blitz!



Nobody's hotta than shotta! Thank you!